Multiculturalism is a politically normative version of the anthropological notion of cultural relativism premised on the view “that all cultures are equally valid.” The postmodern version of the multiculturalist critique assumes that the speaker takes their own culture and its values to be valid, and criticizes other cultures from the standpoint of their own. Feminism, however, questions the cultural validity of subordinating women to men anywhere. Feminism does not assume that “other” are to be measured against the validity of their own, because feminism does not assume that anyone’s culture, including their own, is valid. How could we? Defenses of local differences, as they are called, are often simply a defense of male power in its local guise. Male power virtually always appears in local guises; one might hazard that there are nothing but local guises for male power. The fact that they are local does not improve them.

Catharine A. MacKinnon, Points Against Postmodernism (via medusasseveredhead)

This really demonstrates the inherent racism of radical feminism: it explicitly rejects the principle that white women need to be aware of their privileged point of view relative to people of color, instead adopting the position that white Western women are neutral observers who have no need to be aware of their own cultural biases. In other words, radical feminism mirrors Western conservativism in clinging to the absurd strawman argument that multicultural awareness demands strict cultural relativity and precludes the upholding of equal rights for women.

(via freedominwickedness)

Anyone notice it’s always white women saying “Ignore the culture! Just go straight for the sexism! Also, if you tell me I’m being racist, you’re sexist! Blocked!” 

(via taleth)

(via taleth)

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